After just being verbally attacked for having to “take medication daily to even function like a human being”

I would like to spread awareness that ridiculing or throwing out someone’s personal battle with mental illness on a social media website, or even in personal texts, is definitely something that will never be seen in your favor. It’s beyond wrong, and absolutely no one deserves to be told something that they are already direly ashamed of.

Please, do not bash anyone for what they have to do in order to stay alive.

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⋆*☾❁Enter the Enchanted Forest❁☽*⋆


Infinite loop of one of my hoop’s checkerboard trails!

I literally cannot stop looking at this gif. (☆▽☆)

Lisa SparkGirl throwing some chest rolls and testing out this Lotus Blossom hula hoop attachment made specially for Janie in TX!